Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Are you ready for the cooler temps of fall? How about your garage? Now is a good time to give your garage door a pre-fall inspection. Any homeowner can do it! Yearly garage door maintenance is not only important for keeping your garage door in good shape, but also for keeping you and your belongings safe. At Overhead Door Southeast Missouri™, we have a simple checklist for yearly garage door maintenance. 


Step One: Watch and listen while your garage door opens and closes. Let the door run through a couple cycles. Is it operating smoothly up and down? Or does it rattle or jerk? Does it squeak, squeal, or grind?

Remember, anyone can do garage door maintenance! For the rattles, grab a wrench and tighten any bolts or brackets that have worked their way loose. For the squeaks, use a low temp grease on the opener’s chain and a spray lubricant on springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.


Step Two: Check the rubber weather stripping from the outside. On the bottom section that creates a seal with the floor, you don’t want to see any cracks, splits, or missing pieces. Along the exterior door trim seals you will want to find them issue free, too. Replace any damaged strips. No one wants moisture collecting or rodents and bugs becoming your newest tenants.


Step Three: Test your garage door balance to lengthen the life of the motor. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle. Once you are able to lift the door manually, raise it about halfway. If the garage door stays where it is, your balance is safe. If not, call a professional. Do not try to adjust cables that lift your garage door; high-tension cables can severely harm anyone who improperly tampers with them.


Final Step: Test the infrared sensor and safety-reverse mechanism. Click your garage door remote to close the door and wave something in its path. The door should stop and reopen. Next, place a piece of wood on the ground in the path of the door. When the garage door touches the wood, it should reverse. If either test does not cause your garage door to stop and reopen, the door should be serviced.


By giving your garage door a few minutes of your time you can rest peacefully this fall. Call us at Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™ if you find yourself in need of a professional technician.

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