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Wish List for your Garage

Do you wish you could use your garage as your exercise room? Or your own drive-in movie theater, but the temperature out there never seems to be quite right? Now’s a great time to be building plans for that garage wish list, and at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ we’ll help you find a garage door that fits all your needs.



If you think about wanting to use your garage for more than just a place to park your car, adding flooring coverings is a good place to start. Epoxy coverings help protect the concrete from oil and grime, plus they come in various colors. So you can create just the right look for your added living space, too. Tiles are another great option, especially if you are sectioning off spaces in your garage.



Even with the right flooring, a garage won’t start to feel cozy until it’s able to hold heat. You should consider insulation, especially if your garage doesn’t have finished walls yet. If it does, you can still use blow-in insulation. The higher the R-value of insulation, the better the space will hold heat and provide that warm escape.


Dependable Door

Our team at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ is ready to answer any questions you have on just the right garage door for you. We have doors with different looks, added insulation, and a variety of materials to meet your needs.

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