Winterize Your Garage

Winter can be harsh on an unprepared home. With a bit of preparation, you can not only keep your garage a bit warmer, but better protected. Many people do not know that you need to winterize your garage or how to do it. At the Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™, we want to help you winterize your garage, and protect your home.


Why winterize your garage

Keeping the cold out of your garage is beneficial for more than just getting rid of the chills you have as you enter your garage. By winterizing your garage, you can enjoy new found energy savings, and keep the rest of your home warmer. These preparations will also extend your living space if you need it. Most importantly, taking the time to protect your garage can protect your home. Vital water pipes and air ducts run through your garage that are crucial to keeping your house a home.


How to winterize your garage



If your garage is not already insulated, you will want to consider the benefits. At the bare minimum, you will want to insulate the walls of your garage that connect to your home. Otherwise, you will lose heat from your home through these walls. This improvement will save energy and money, and extends the living space of your home.


Weather stripping

You should check your weather stripping at least once per year. If your weather stripping is cracked or hardened, it will need to be replaced. If you replace your weather stripping and it does not fill the gap between your garage and its frame, your garage needs to be realigned. Do not try to fix this issue on your own. Your garage is perhaps the heaviest item in your home; call a professional.


Cover outlets and pipes

Many people do not realize that their outlets often are a source of heat loss in their garage. You will want to seal off these outlets with a bit of duct tape and insulation. For your pipes, either cover them in insulation, or run rope lights along them to keep the water inside from freezing.


Water proof floor

Your vehicle is inevitably going track ice and snow into your garage. Your floor is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home during the winter. Fill any imperfections in your garage floor with an epoxy resin and seal it with floor paint.



Ideally, you swap out your summer goods for your winter tools, one-for-one. You can switch your lawnmower for your snow blower, spades for snow shovels, and seeds for ground salt. But, what if you run out of space storing your summer goods? You can add new, efficient storage systems to keep your garage space open.


Call the Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ for additional tips to winterize your garage, or for a garage upgrade before winter hits. We are here to help!

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