Winter Prepared

Winter Prepared Tips

You may not be the biggest fan of trying to warm up as the temperatures drop outside as old man winter approaches. Your vehicle may not like it much, either. We have prepared a few tips to help you be winter prepared.



Perhaps your vehicle seems cold-blooded in the winter. It can struggle to start after a few cold snaps. We recommend ensuring you have a strong battery before the wintery season. Nothing kills a weak battery faster than cold weather.

Do you despise spending time scraping a frozen windshield in the morning? Maybe you forget to start your vehicle 10 minutes early and kick on the defrost full blast. Try out some de-icer for your windshield. Even spraying rubbing alcohol on the surface will help clear it up in no time. No hassle.

Finally, you will really be winter prepared when you stock your vehicle emergency kit. Be sure to include non-perishable food, water, a flashlight, extra batteries, and warm clothes.



Would you like to keep the cold air out this winter? Check your garage insulation. Start by adding caulk and weather stripping around doors and windows. Plus, wrap any exposed pipes with insulated coverings to prevent freezing and bursting. You may want to have a heater handy in your garage, too.

Check the battery in the backup system on your electric garage door opener. It is best to have one with full strength going into the cooler season. You’ll be glad you did that ahead of time. If you ever have any problems with the bottom of your garage door freezing to the cement floor, you can spray some cooking oil along the rubber stripping.

The cold air is out, and your vehicle is ready to roll. Don’t forget to grab your winter clothes and snow tools for the days the snow flies. Having a leaf blower, broom and scoop shovel handy are great for the lighter dustings.



Does your garage need any upgrades as you become winter prepared?

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