weather ready

Weather Ready

If you’ve been thinking about updating your garage door lately, consider some of our weather ready options! We have reinforced doors for optimum efficiency and strength.



Our Thermacore® insulated steel doors are ideal for increased thermal efficiency. We have stuck a layer of polyurethane insulation between two layers of steel. Between-section seals also reduce air infiltration and temperature changes. Stop by, we’d be happy to show you the design options we have available!


Wind Load

Another element of weather to keep in mind is strong wind. Having a reinforced door can help protect your home. Picture that large garage door flying off its tracks into windows and possessions. With the right support, your door can stay safe when the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Weather Seals

When thinking about the elements, keep an eye on your garage door’s weatherstripping. Check for any rust on metal on or around your garage door, as well as puddles of water. Unwanted drafts are also signs of seals that needs replacing.



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