Warning Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door

Does your garage door look crooked? Does it squeak and groan when it opens and closes? The balance of your garage door may be the culprit for these issues. Today, we are outlining the warning signs of an unbalanced garage door. For your own safety, it should be noted that fixing the balance of your garage door should be left exclusively to the professionals!


Detriment of an unbalanced garage door

With winter fast approaching, a balanced garage door is crucial to keeping the snow outside. All it takes is a small crack between your garage door and its frame for your garage to fill with snow. An unbalanced garage door can be quite noisy from the grinding it endures as it operates. If you do not fix an unbalanced garage door it will damage the garage and decrease the lifespan of your garage system.


The Warning Signs


Speed Test

It may not sound like a big deal, but a slow moving garage door can be a sign that your door is unbalanced. You may not even notice as your door opens slower and slower as its balance becomes worse. As your door slows down, it will eventually reach a point where it will not open at all. Check your garage door’s balance; the last thing you want is your car trapped in your garage by an unbalanced door.


Sound Test

Maybe you have just accepted the fact that your garage door is noisy. Your garage door can be soundless if it is balanced and lubricated properly. If you suspect it has been a while since lubricant has been applied to your garage, apply a new layer. Use low temp grease on the opener’s chain or screw and a spray lubricant, like WD-40, on the torsion springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks. If your door is still noisy, call a professional to check its balance.


Overhead Test

To conduct this test, you will first need to use the manual release on your door, so that you are operating it, not the motor. Then, you will need to open and close the door several times. Your garage door should be smooth to operate and you should have little difficulty opening it. Once the door is fully opened, it should stay open as well. If you garage does not stay open, it fails this test.


Eye Test

This test is simple: if your garage is not level, it is unbalanced. This includes when it is at rest, and when it is opening or closing. A garage door that is lopsided as it operates usually means a torsion spring has failed. Call a professional immediately.


With the right maintenance you can prevent many issues, but your garage door balance should be left to the professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™.

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