Value Added with New Garage Door

Adding value to your home is one of the main goals of a renovation is to add value. Whether you flip homes for a living or just want long-term improvements, a new garage door can be the solution. At 91%, a new garage door provides one of the highest returns on investment for residential upgrades. For your next home improvement project, consider the value added with a new garage door.


Reasons why

New granite countertops, flooring, and water features look luxurious, but they do little for the value of your home. Humble upgrades, such as new insulation or a new garage door, will always offer a higher return value over strictly aesthetic upgrades. Even an upscale garage door upgrade, a custom door for example, still provides a 90% return on investment due to a variety of reasons.



A new garage door instantaneously makes your home safer. In terms of security, a new door provides technology to prevent thieves from entering. For your family, a new garage unit means you minimize the chance of injury from the largest moving part in your home. There have been many innovations in garage door safety in recent years. A new door is the opportunity to capitalize on these innovations.


Curb Appeal

We all know the effect a bad garage door can have on a home. Even if every other feature of the exterior is well-manicured it can be ruined by an eyesore of a door. A nice garage door can have the opposite effect. Someone may drive past your home and comment on how nice it looks, even if they cannot identify the reason. If you are in the process of selling your home, consider the value of your curb appeal. A new garage door completes the look of your exterior.



The basic function of your garage door is to open and close. New garage door units are capable of so much more. New garage doors are compatible with new accessories, including battery backup systems, laser parking, and smart phone applications. Overhead Door™ has its own, the Overhead Door™ Anywhere app, that enables you to monitor and activate your door remotely.


If you do not want to purchase a new door, there are still improvements you can make to your garage. If you are interested in a new door, or have any garage-related questions, call the Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ today.


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