spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who uses your garage as a catch-for-all space. The “dumping” ground of sorts, with the projects to finish or things to deal with later. Guess what, later can be today as you start some spring cleaning.



You can make this a family project and help speed up the process. Sort things to keep, donate, sell, and toss.  If you’re hesitating on any given item, ask yourself if you’ve used it within the last year not. If not, get rid of it. Pack up things to donate, schedule a garage sale if that’s your plan, and trash or recycle items you’re purging.



So you’ve figured out which items you are keeping, now it’s time to figure out where they can all go while taking up the least amount of space. Think about items you frequently use having easy access, while rarely used items can go toward the back or up above. There may be more space saving tips out there for your garage than you think.


Keep it Up

Once you have things organized, don’t let yourself fall into the chaotic mess again. You’ll be glad you did later. Allow the space to be the functional and usable space you always envisioned. It might be a good idea to do a little spring cleaning each year, too.


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