practice safety

Practice Safety

We want you to have a door that functions and is safe for your entire family. June is Garage Door Safety Month, and our team at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ is here to share a few reminders to practice safety.


Practice Safety

Children are at the highest risk, and garage doors are not meant for play. While the sensors that detect objects are a handy function of garage doors on the market today, they are only safe if they are in working order. Plus, you can perform some regular checks on this function as well as others.



As a garage door is a mechanical piece, you never want to ignore regular maintenance. This helps ensure your door is operating safely. Check out our for yearly maintenance checklist of things you can do yourself. However, if any springs, cables, and brackets need attention, ask for one of our service technicians.



Give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ if you would like to review garage door safety or need to visit with one of our service technicians.

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