Innovations in Garage Door Safety

Your garage is the largest entry point of your home. Some of our most valuable possessions are in our garage: power tools, cars, bicycles, etc. Your garage provides access to your entire home, including your family. At Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™, we understand how to protect your home and your loved ones, with these innovations in garage door safety.


One of the most useful systems for a worrying homeowner is the automated timer. “Did I remember to close the garage door?” With an automated timer, you don’t need to worry. This innovation allows you to program your door to close after a certain period of time after it is opened. Even if your hands are full bringing groceries into your home, you know that your door will shut behind you within the next few minutes.


A common function of modern garage doors is the reverse mechanism. Most reverse mechanisms are activated when an object passes through a single infrared beam parallel with the garage. It is advisable to add multiple infrared sensors to increase the safety of your door. Your door will also reverse if an object is resting in its path. If you own a manual garage door you may want to consider an upgrade for safety reasons. You can contact our Overhead Door™ team for help calibrating and installing your reverse mechanism.


An inexpensive burglar deterrent is a motion-detecting light system. If someone approaches your home at night, the lights will illuminate the potential thief’s identity. If you have security cameras monitoring your exterior, you will be able to pin point the invader. You can also purchase timers to illuminate the interior and exterior of your home if you are away from home for an extended period of time.



Smart Phone Apps might be one of the most tech-savvy innovations in garage door safety yet. There are apps available to download onto your smart phone that will allow you to monitor your home while away. When synced with a motion detector, you can be alerted if someone is trying to get into your home while you are gone. These apps can keep track of when your garage door is being used; you can have evidence of any teens trying to get away with sneaking out or coming home past curfew. Lastly, these apps will allow you to let house sitters or cleaning services come into your home while you are on vacation, without having to share a key or your garage code.


With these innovations, your home can be safer than ever before. For tips on securing your home and other accessories for you garage, be sure to check our other blog articles. If you are looking to make update, upgrade, or replace your current garage door, call Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™ today.


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