Garage Renovation

In many homes, your garage is the room with the most potential. While many homeowners think of their garage as a buffer to the outdoors, it may be time to reconsider. Sometimes, all your garage needs is a makeover, and suddenly it can double as an extra room. Keep these factors and tips in mind for your garage renovation.



One of the first things you should invest in is insulation. You will want to budget for insulation so that you can use your lovely new space year-round. Whether you are upgrading your garage into a workspace, an office, or just extra living space, proper insulation will let you enjoy the space to the fullest.


Space Saving

Before undertaking a garage renovation determine how you are going to manage storage. If you have lots of items stored in your garage, they will need to find a new home. Plan to install efficient storage so that you have plenty of square footage in your upgraded room. Ceiling storage provides an option that completely clears your floor. Lockers offer a fun and stylish option to organize your family’s items.



When most people think of a garage, they imagine cold, concrete floors. So when you want to transform your garage space, think about your floor. There are a variety of flooring options to fit your needs. Stylish epoxy floor paint is a cheap and easy way to brighten up your garage in an afternoon. Interlocking rubber pieces are fantastic for a work space as a durable, easily replaceable flooring option. Tiles are fantastic for upscale remodels, as there are a many shapes and styles, including faux wood.



If your garage space is too dark, think of investing not only in light fixtures, but windows as well. Sometimes, natural lighting is the key ingredient to making a room feel like home. Sliding glass doors are a great investment as well, if you want a garage living space. By adding a door to the outdoors, you can leave the garage without opening the door. The flood of natural lighting will make the transition from your home into your garage.



There are several aesthetic factors to focus on when you remodel. You will want to paint your space with light colors. Soft tones make your space seem bigger and inviting. Design the layout of your garage so that it is an open space. Focusing on an open design concept means that you can use your space for many different purposes. Also, an unobstructed space allows you to park your car in the garage when necessary.


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