garage makeover

Garage Makeover Ideas

Summer is knocking on our door, and you may have started some remodeling or updating projects at home. A garage makeover may have more possibilities than you would first think.



You can make this a family project and help speed up the process. Sort things to keep, donate, sell, and toss.  If you’re hesitating on any given item, ask yourself if you’ve used it within the last year not. If not, get rid of it. Pack up things to donate, schedule a garage sale if that’s your plan, and trash or recycle items you’re purging.



By adding some carpet, you can create a cozy area for added living space. A durable epoxy covering will add some color and design with ease of cleaning. Plus, tiles or floor mats can individualize spaces that are still easy to clean up, whether you’re a mechanic or have large outdoor toys.


The Door

Your garage door can add just the right touch of character to tie it all together. The material of the door can change the look from a rugged outdoors feel, to modern and updated. Always ask about an electric opener, too, and consider a few other accessories for all the functionality you desire.


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