Garage Improvements to Help You Save on Energy Costs

If you are searching for extra savings around the house, your energy bill may be the answer. You may not realize that you are losing energy in certain parts of your home, and your garage may be the culprit. A quick fix here and there will not only keep the heat in, but protect your garage as well. Consider these garage improvements to help you save on energy costs.


Cracks and Holes

You may not notice it, but heat can be seeping out of the little cracks and holes in your garage. Make sure that your weather stripping is a snug fit between your garage door and its frame. If it is cracked or compressed, replace it. If it still does not fill the gap between the two, call a professional to check your garage door’s balance. Outlets are the other hole that you need to cover. Often times, there is a lack of insulation near your outlets, and heat leaks out of them during the winter.



Many people never realize that they need to insulate their floor.  While you cannot put a true layer of insulation down over your concrete floor, there are other ways to make sure it stays warm. Thick, outdoor carpet and rubber floor coverings are great for keeping the cold outside. Other than energy savings, covering your floor can prevent damage during the winter. Many of the imperfections that form in your garage floor come from the floor heating up and cooling down repeatedly.



Your windows can be a point of heat loss if they are not properly insulated. Double-paned windows are ideal for your garage, especially if you use it as a workspace. The sealant around your windows is also crucial to saving energy in your garage. Make sure that you replace the caulking around your window at least once a year.



Energy efficiency and insulation are almost synonymous in most homeowner’s minds. When it comes to your garage, the amount of insulation you need can vary. Ideally you insulate all the walls, and its ceiling. If you are looking to insulate the bare minimum of your garage, insulate the adjoining walls and ceiling. This will prevent the outside air from seeping into your home. If your garage is not insulated at all, it will leak energy and money throughout the year.


Little garage improvements can help you save big on energy costs. You can make little improvements on your own, and when you need help, call the professionals at the Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™.

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