garage door buying guide

Garage Door Buying Guide

Is it time for a new garage door? You can keep it functional and add a little curb appeal, too. You have several options. We can help get you started at Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™. Allow us to guide you through design, material, and cost with our Great Garage Door Buying Guide.


While shopping you will find some options with simple and sleek looks and others with more accents and style. Think about how this is the largest door, so it can add to your curb appeal and value to your home.

  • Carriage House Panels – Detail oriented and eye catching.
  • Flush Panels – Slightly textured panels that complement the surrounding wall areas.
  • Long Raised Panels – Add depth to the door continuously along the length.
  • Short Raised Panels – Add depth to the door in a slightly less noticeable fashion.



While different materials have different looks, they also vary in durability.

  • Steel – This is the most common and economical. It has the ability to mimic the look of wood without the necessary maintenance. It is built to withstand the weather.
  • Fiberglass and aluminum – Both are very lightweight materials, and fiberglass allows for translucency. They offer a wide variety of looks depending on your style. However, they are poor insulators. If you live in humidity, aluminum is the way to go, as it won’t rust.
  • Wood – Wood is often chosen for its natural look over durability. These doors offer a wide variety of styles, but they require regular maintenance to protect their surface from Mother Nature. They can shrink and swell over time and need new coats of paint or polyurethane.



How many garage doors do you need? Do you want them to look the same? Having a door installed is an investment, too.

  • Lower-end materials with self-installation: average cost $350
  • Professionally installed mid-range doors: anywhere from $750 to $1,500
  • High-end, fully loaded insulated doors professionally installed: average $3,500

Remember, this is one of the largest pieces of your home. Allowing a little room in your budget now may save you later. The investment pays for itself over time and can add value to your home.


Professional Installation

Not sure where to go look? Think about whether you can transport it and if you feel confident about installing it yourself. You may want to consider leaving those tasks to our professionals. The team at Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™ wants you to work with us, someone you trust. We can show you just how simple this process can be and make it stress free. Just give us a call when you’re ready at (573) 243-3111 with and we can be your garage door buying guide.


Other Things to Consider

  • The opener is a separate purchase from the actual garage door, but many companies offer both.
  • If you live in an area with high-winds or extreme weather, make sure your garage door can withstand the elements.
  • The level of insulation can change based on the material: the higher the R-value, the higher the insulation capability.


Feel like there are a lot of things to keep track of in the Great Garage Door Buying Guide? Remember you can always contact us with any questions or concerns about installing your garage door opener and other accessories.

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