fall garage

Fall Garage Prep

If you haven’t done any routine maintenance on your door lately, now may be a good time. At Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™, we recommend some fall garage prep and can help you with any service or upgrade needs.



Test your garage door balance to lengthen the life of the opener. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle. Once you can lift the door manually, raise it about halfway. If the garage door stays where it is, your balance is safe. If not, call a professional to have your door’s balance adjusted.


Do not try to adjust cables that lift your garage door; high-tension cables can severely harm anyone who improperly tampers with them. Call us at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™.



Listen to your door regularly. If you hear any rattles, tighten any bolts or brackets that have worked their way loose. For squeaks, use a low-temp grease on the opener’s chain and a spray lubricant on springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.


Weather Stripping

Check the rubber weather stripping from the outside. On the bottom section that creates a seal with the floor, check for any cracks, splits, or missing pieces. Along the exterior door trim seals you will want to find them issue free, as well. Replace any damaged weather sripping you come across.



Call us at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ for any upgrades or service, as you perform your regular checks this fall.

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