Commercial Door

Commercial Door Basics

Perhaps you finding that your electric garage door was one of your best investments at home. Have you started working on new plans for different aspects of your business to include Overhead DoorsTM with a similar function? At Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™, we have a variety of commercial door options available to fit your needs.


The Basics

If you need the traditional exterior doors built to last, check out our rolling, sectional steel doors and advanced service doors. You will also find Thermacore® doors with added insulation and wind load doors to protect from some of those more extreme conditions.


Other Options

We have options to add on to the basic builds. Most doors can still have windows for a nice look and extra natural light. Plus, we have multiple commercial door options to cover everything from fast performance to modern design.



Safety and security are usually some top priorities, too. Protecting not only your business, but also your merchandise and employees. You might like to know we have fire-rated doors, rolling counter doors, and security grilles among others. Your commercial door can have all the bells and whistles.


Give us a call at Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri™ to explore reliable commercial doors with various options.

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