Clever Garage Upgrades

Sometimes it may seem easy let your garage stay plain and drab. It may be easier to spruce up your garage space than you think with a do-it-yourself project. Simple, creative solutions can open up new space and uses for your garage. All you need is a few hours and simple supplies and you can give your garage life like never before. Designate a few hours this weekend to these clever garage upgrades.


Foldable Work Bench

At times it seems like there may be no space in your garage to work. A folding work bench can solve that issue. With a few slabs of wood, planks for reinforcement, hinges, and chains, you can have a ready to use work space. Once you are sure your bench is sturdy, you can add a peg board beside it for convenient storage of your tools. Visit this link for additional information on how to build a work bench.

Ceiling Storage System

There are many ways to store your goods from your ceiling, but some methods are better than others. One of the easiest and most efficient storage systems to install is one with sliding beams. All you need is long, 2”x4” beams and uniform storage bins to build this system. Mount these beams the same distance apart as the width of your boxes. Then attach another beam to the ones that are already mounted so that they form an upside-down ‘T’ shape. You will be able to slide your bins into place, just be sure to label them!


Foam Door Protectors

Do you ever dent your car doors against the side of the garage? You can avoid that horrible “thud” with this simple accessory. With the help of the iconic foam pool noodle and a mounting agent, your troubles will disappear. First, slice your pool noodle in half, so that you have two, long ‘C’ shaped pieces. Then measure the approximate height of where your vehicle’s doors contact the wall, and mount your noodles. If you have multiple cars, just mount multiple noodles!



Smart Phone Applications

If you are not the DIY type, fear not, we have not forgotten about you. At the Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™, we offer a smart phone application so that you can monitor and operate your door from anywhere. With the Anywhere® App, you can protect your home and your family without giving away private information.


Set some time aside this weekend to these garage upgrades. If you need help with your garage improvement, or would like to install the Anywhere App, call us at the Overhead Door of Southeast Missouri™.


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