Breaking Down How to Prevent Break-Ins

einbruch in die garage

Last month, we talked about how to keep you safe from your garage door. For July, The Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri is here to show you how your garage door keeps you safe from the outside world. Below are a few helpful suggestions about the precautions you can take and the upgrades you can make in order to turn your home into an impenetrable fortress.

Eye in the Sky

If you know that you are being watched you will be on your best behavior. Burglars and criminals are not immune to this rule. The second they catch a glimpse of a home security system they move on to the next house.

Nowadays, there are plenty of cost-efficient home security measures that you can pick up both online and in-store. Motion sense lights, cameras, garage door sensors (see below for more details), and full-on home security systems are all at your disposal. Even if you are not able to afford the real thing, there are plenty of fake versions of the items mentioned above that can also help to deter criminals

OHD Anywhere

Like turning off lights or grabbing our lunch from the fridge, closing the garage door is something we all forget to do from time to time when we are on our way out the house.  Now, thanks to the  OHD Anywhere® app, you don’t have to worry about driving home to correct your mistake. 

The app is simple. All you need to do is attach the OHD Anywhere® sensor to your garage door and download the corresponding OHD Anywhere® app. Once everything is in place, you have full control over your garage door from anywhere. Not only that, but the opener gives you a full history of all your comings and goings.

Stay Frosty

Windows look amazing when they are artfully placed on a garage door. Burglars enjoy them because they let them see what they could steal.

An Alternative? Frosted glass. Sand-blasting gives these windows their translucent appearance, which makes it impossible for intruders to make out what you have stored in your garage. 

Hide Your Openers

Finally, just a quick reminder to never leave your remote openers out in plain sight – especially if you park your vehicle on the street during the evening. It might not be as easy as placing it in the unused cupholder, but trust us, it is worth the extra effort.

For more home and garage door security tips, or to upgrade current setup, contact the Overhead Door Company of Southeast Missouri.

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